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Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
yes I enjoyed reading your first post but this is even better <3
did you ever consider the possibility to get in these Love states with no external help?
also it sounds strange that you perceived the end of the mushrooms high as Love leaving you... it could not be that, we are love, it cannot leave us.
maybe what happened was that something else came into picture... that's right, the ego
like when we wake up from a good night deep sleep and we start to think
every morning I'm getting pissed off as my mind first begins to disturb my peace
I've made a point of trying to catch the first thought of the day, it's crazy I couldn't so far
but definitely have different experiences about ego, to me it's so obvious that indeed no separation from ego is possible but it most definitely dies or dissolves. The higher we feel, the less ego we are able to have.
anyway I'm not about to get into a further discussion about that, just too grateful for you sharing the Love :luv:
I never said LOVE left me... I said something left me.

Originally Posted by positiveevitisop View Post
It felt more like something was leaving me, and the departure was actually very peaceful, and I was very accepting of it...
A presence, or energy left me. That energy was what kept together, my alignment between my ego self and my universal self, allowing me to be in a state where I knew the two were one in the same. Psilocybin is a sacred tool, that's all there is to it. More literally, the effects of the mushrooms were leaving me, but at the time, it felt like...

Originally Posted by positiveevitisop View Post
...saying goodbye to a good friend that you know will never actually leave you... just, knowing you will see them again.
So yes, I am back to an ego inflated state now, but this whole thing has sped up my spiritual growth by 1,000,000,000 times. At least now I feel like I have a destination, instead of feeling like this life is taking me nowhere.
I am Nature, and Nature is me.

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