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Originally Posted by speakingout View Post
From my own experience's and what I have learned from my own meditation is that you are feeling the chakras in your body raising your bodies vibration to the vibration of the universe with me it always starts in the pelvic area and radiates over the whole of my body all I can truly describe it as a very sexual feeling, its like my whole body goes into orgasm and this is whilst in non thought, when the mind is not babbling (having sexual feeling without actually thinking about sex)....its about as simple as I can explain it, obviously this only pertains to me but after reading your post I felt I had to put my viewpoint on this subject.....take a look at 'kundalini' it may shed some light and help you understand what you are feeling. What people do not realise is that all human beings have this spiritual ability but throughout history TPTB know this secret and are doing their dammed hardest to make humans forget these abilities we all have....they have got away with it for a very long time but I sense this all coming to a head as more and more people are waking up

wonderful music btw definately some OM going on there to be sure.....
The whole kundalini thing crossed my mind, since I read about it on the forums before. I never felt sexual during the 5 or 6 times experiencing the vibration thing in my life though, but the woman of the group usually(but not during this recent experience) has very orgasmic like feelings, making her express it vocally, making me and the other partner react to the pleasurable sounds by making similar pleasurable sounds, making it sound like 2 hours of the best porn ever. lololololol She doesn't experience the vibration I do though... only the feelings.

I also wanted to thank swamideva publicly for sharing with me, the music I used during this experience. I know for a million dollar fact that this experience would not have been the same without it, and that simple reference did me a lot favors. My ears have never been opened to this kind of mantra music before and its' just fucking great, really. I downloaded like everything I could by Deva Premal. I got the translations and everything. All 3 of us trip buddies have a new favorite music now! I was jammin it in the parking lot of the Plum Market singing and humming along with it while everyone stares at me! hahahah!!!
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