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Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
Hi, I have something to say about this :luv:
first, a big thank you for opening up so true, with this intimate experience of our One Self
I feel happy to read it
I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!:luv::luv:I've only felt way better in a consciousness connection experience(OBE).

Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
would like to ask you some questions though, but of course my questions wouldn't be as positive as your description of the One
so, how did you take it when you had to get back into the dull ego? was it an easy come back?
It felt more like something was leaving me, and the departure was actually very peaceful, and I was very accepting of it. It was like saying goodbye to a good friend that you know will never actually leave you... just, knowing you will see them again. I was just very appreciative of the experience instead of sad of it having to leave at that moment. The whole experience was beyond enough for me, so there wasn't even the slightest reason to be upset that my wonderful state was leaving me. I definitely took some of it with me too. I wouldn't say I was getting back into a dull ego either, its just I was losing the synchronicity of my ego and my TRUE relationship to my surroundings, Nature, life, universe/ect.. They were completely merged after the shaking subsided. I was everything and everything was me, so every time I was referring to the universe/life/nature/ect. in my head, I knew I was essentially referring to myself along with that... and every time I was referring to myself in my head, I knew I was essentially referring to Nature. Both were one in the same. I allowed both the good and the bad of life to flow through me without worry, I completely let go and became my true self and let even the deepest of residual pain that I kept behind closed doors release and heal itself through my incredibly positive state. Everything that was me was there. So the departure was actually quite wondrous for me, but my partners were having some difficulty.

Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
do you see how your ego was always there throughout all of it, although you were able to bypass it a little and put it behind more so you could be One for a moment ( or you wouldn't need the witness in another body to enhance it, to validate it)?but still, right after feeling the bliss of One, you still made comparisons between you and "the others" (that's our lovely ego who does that)
I made ego based comparisons only after because I was the only one who feels that vibration... that's not my ego, that's a fact. It also seemed like I was able to talk more fluently than the other two. Also, the ego not bypassed, but let it be in sync with myself, so ego was still there 100%, it's just since it merged with my connection to Nature, I became everything, making the word "ego" redundant because everything includes "I" and vice versa. There is an I in oneness and a oneness in I, making them exactly the same thing. We have to recognize our relation to the universe and how the universe relates to us. Ego can't be eliminated and those who encourage separation from it is definitely wrong. The phrase "ego death" is laughable, because running away from yourself is not good, but I'm sure those who refer to it are trying to mean that state of total peace I had recently experienced. The goodness of including things instead of turning away from them is incredible. We all have to recognize what facilitates separation from a general level, to a spiritual level, so that we can stop running away from ourselves, and essentially, Nature itself.

Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
when did you feel like recording the whole thing, while it was happening or afterwards?
Afterwards... because I want to see the shaking for myself, and maybe show some people who can tell me something about it purpose/origin. I HAVE to know what this is. It's too incredible. It's like a power that's really hard to contain. OhHHH my god, there just no way for me to explain it. INTENSE!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
as your "I" was still the witness through some of that, the big question is "who am I behind all this?"
I am everything and everything is me!

Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
I don't do drugs and I don't want to advise you to do this because it could be unsafe,...
meh, depends on what you're talking about. The word "drugs" definiteley covers a range of things from non-toxic, to highly-toxic... both in long term and short term.

Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
... but hypotetically how interesting would it be to repeat the whole thing all alone, letting it be without blocking it and with no fear just like you said above, and use the chance to investigate the witness, the One "I" behing all that?
That's a good idea, if I did that, I could feel the difference between being alone during the whole thing and not being alone, and make judgments based on experience and not advice.

Originally Posted by iamhe View Post
this is what we do on the awakening thread, inquiry into the nature of "I", one belief at a time but without the drugs
as I see it and this is only my opinion, drugs are great for the mature seekers who are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages
gee, I've seen kids doing drugs being God like on it but utterly devastaded and confused when they had to come down
so, anyway, you know what you're doing as you choose all love and no fear with it
so no sermons
after we get the insight we wanted with the help of drugs, gurus, music, techniques, etc. the way to Be One is to go it alone, with no props
only then it is genuine and doesn't go up and down :*
Agreed, but I believe psilocybin to be a sacred tool that has the power to not only wake people up, but bring people together.
I am Nature, and Nature is me.
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