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The global el-ites have a more globalised currency waiting in the wings called SDR's

These 'special drawing rights' are created through the IMF which is run by the banking cabal

The chinese are invested in SDR's and we may see a 'problem reaction solution' switch to that new system as we saw in bretton woods after WWII

This would be one possible 'reset' but its likely the el-ites would want some panic on the streets first so that we all go begging our governments to do something to save us which is where the NWO bankers ride in with their new more centralised currency

They are working on blockchains and their currency could be digital

This is why we need to be ready with our own currencies eg the bradbury pound

The chinese, russians, indians (BRICS nations) have all been stocking up on gold and could keep trading commodities for that
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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