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Default Clive Swift dies

Heard on a MSM website that actor Clive Swift, best known to most as Mrs Bucket's long suffering husband Richard in Keeping up Appearances, has died at the age 88.

Now I'm gonna say this right now before anyone else does, but I could've sworn that Clive Swift had already died not too long ago, from what I can remember it was sometime last year. I absolutely remember hearing that he had died, but it seems he hadn't. I don't normally take the Mandella affect thing seriously and just think most of it is down to people wrongly assuming such a person has died because they've been featured on the news in ill health or haven't been in the limelight for a long time so automatically think they've passed away, or even they're confusing them with another actor/actress, but this is an exception as I am certain there was mention of it last year.

Loved him in Keeping up a Appearances, he had some great moments together with Patricia Routledge. I don't wanna get too conspiratorial with this one, but I noticed a photo of him with Routledge and he's doing abit of that hiding one eye thing; probably nothing really.

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