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Originally Posted by grandmasterp View Post
Good vid that, seen it; and thanks for posting cos more should watch it.
I can't post images or vids on here for some reason. Never could.
The guv'nor is pro Brexit and makes great points why we should vote to Leave the EU on June 23rd.
That's politics.
He also says in the interview that we should
"...stop looking to politics and look to ourselves and see what we can do."
and that's maybe what those of us whomreckon to have rescued Labour from the Blairite bar stewards have besn trying to do.
I reckon the guv'nor means 'old skool' bankster-compromised politics.
Reason I say that is that people working together for change IS real politics and the old shit described as 'politics' was really manipulation of the many by a very few.
we can't rely on leaders to rescue us

individuals can be corrupted or threastened into line or failing that they can even be silenced

We need grass roots efforts from an awake, aware and activated community who have decided on their actions through conscious choice born from their understanding of the reality of the situation

That understanding is growing in the public and once its there we can build the community cohesion needed to start working together, which is the only way we can mount a challenge
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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