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Originally Posted by Davekyn View Post
Id I may respectfully add:

Also consider when making a choice that we consider the way in which we react. Proactive responses based on conscious action can be one way to challenge the stats quo without feeding the mechanisms that thrive off those who instinctively react.
There are many ways to skin a cat sort to speak.
A poster in the previous page said, when I used a word 'exterminate', he/she immediately thought of killing based on their own world and his/her thinking. Say for example, if someone's evildoing cost you a job, you can either make the evil person lose their job or if it's a cancerous organisation, you could make the organisation to dissolve. Either way, the evildoer loses job and experience what you might had to endure due to you getting sacked. See what I mean? OR you don't touch anyone but start attacking the concept of such organisation so that you can gain allies and expose the truth along the way. I can think of many cancerous organisations, can't you?

I may not go for people like PM simply because I know they are just puppets. What we need to deal with is people on our level, those that are sustaining the pyramid.

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