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Originally Posted by arten View Post
What we wittnesed was a Man a Human Being who wants to break free from the very chains you rever.

What I witnessed was a guy with a one dimensional message delivered in almost a 'rah rah' style....complete with emotive call to arms type tones and the usual jokey jokes that any moron could understand...stupid jokes like (not that this was one of the jokes) stuff about 'the missus'...I mean this kind of 'lets all sit in a room and listen to someone blow off our steam and clap like monkeys when we hear a certain tone in his voice or when we hear the volume go up or when we hear stuff like "we're not gonna take it no more"...that kind of crap. He's obviously preaching to the it's like a big group grope love in let's allput our hands in each other's pockets and wakl down the street together united! It's rah rah's kids stuff. Is he helping people to learn? I don't think so.
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