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After many more insults, in a bizarre action to chase forum member “Skulb” away, “Truegroup” added a picture of a “like by st jimmy” to several posts.
These pictures were then deleted leaving no evidence.

Except for the screenprint I made of it and posted with an explanation and the conclusion “If this isn’t reason enough to ban Truegroup, I don’t know what is”.

See the screenprint.
My added explanation is that the location of the “like by st jimmy” is wrong - above “Truegroup”´s signature instead of below.

I complained about this but instead of banning Truegroup my post with the screenprint was simply deleted:

I was surprised that “Truegroup” was finally banned about a month later;
But much less suprised that it was reinstated in all its glory to continue with the endless insults...

Where have all the “good” posters gone that were “banned” or “restricted” indefinitely?!?
Do NOT ever read my posts.
Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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