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Originally Posted by the 9 rings View Post
I see what your saying about the reptilian royalty and the white dragons,but... you are mistaken, this was a different type of reptilian...none like the rest, almost not reptilian at all,the eyes had no slits and were massive.
I am not comming on here trying to be better than anyone, as you refer to humans as cattle. You maybe cattle but not me.... Does cattle, read minds,move things with there mind,see the future,levitate and have access to unkowing knowledge? I am pleadian not by say so,but by lineage... My fathers side was nordic kings and there fathers were called pleadian, i didnt read this off the internet or watch a video from ' alex'.
Everything i speak is of advanced knowledge and what i've learned over the years. If you feel that everyone is cattle it is probably because you are one of the cattle they use.
well mr. pleidan you've clearly done so much good with your speshul powerz i can just imagine all the other things you've seen that you later decided to post on the david icke forum...
Boom, Boom, Boom,
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