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Originally Posted by syxx View Post
To compare:
About 6 1/2 feet (about 2 meters) tall; broad shoulders; beefy build; dark, reddish-brown eyes with large black pupil; uniform-type clothing, tight-fitting with high collar; no hair; very reptilian -crocodile-like- features, but somewhat softer rather than angular. Impression of male, but who knows? Always seen at night, always associated with black triangles, red light on corners and dark round patch on center bottom. Always preceded by several days or weeks of heightened sense before encountering, sometimes followed in my vehicle; craft silent, sometimes revolving/pivoting in place whilst hovering just above tree height.

I am thinking that you may have seen a hybrid?
If your seeing black triangles and brown reptilians then you need to stay away from them as much as possible, when your third eye opens it almost always encourages reptilian communication and leaves a gateway for these beings. Im not saying all brown reptilians are bad , but I know they dont get along with the green ones.

Also, if it was a hybrid I seen then why were there three ships? Most hybrids run alone due to the fact hey feel as out cast's and almost always have a superior power than the others. The hybrids are always looked down upon but are always much smarter,faster and stronger.... By far.
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