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Originally Posted by klc_infowarrior View Post
I saw an interesting post about that actor kid Jonathon Brandis...who apparently commited suicide... anyways alot of stuff is happening on the IMDB message board for his name... admist all the disinfo & slander of this cute little actor from the 80's is a woman who claims to channel the spirit of Jonathon Brandis ...and claims he didn't kill himself. Leery...I checked out her youtube channel and found some interesting information posted on the sidebar. Something fishy about the suicide of that kid...who apparently had a pedo-handler/manager...and was spilling the beans (so to speak) if you know what I mean. If your interested can follow the trail at the IMDB for Jonathon Brandis ...scroll all the way down to the little forum there... poke around thru the messages ...especially the one that says "why" in there you will see a woman post stuff ...check the youtube link in her signature...once your on her youtube channel, the sidebar (heres the youtube channel

I stumbled upon this one day...I did not go looking for point is....anyone think about the originals??? Are they in a comatose state?? Are they kept frozen?? underground, undersea, on the moonbases???? Does their souls cry out for help & assistance??? I dunno I feel something is going on...


Along the same lines, these two worked together on numerous films and died just a couple months apart last year...why? have they gone somewhere? one or both?

Sydney Pollack, scene from Eyes Wide Shut, died May 26 2008

Anthony Minghella, worked with Pollack numerous times, died march 18, 2008

In 2000 his screenplay for “The Talented Mr. Ripley” was nominated as well.

That same year Mr. Minghella joined a fellow director, Sydney Pollack, to form Mirage, an independent production company that concluded a three-year first-look deal with the Weinstein Company earlier this month. They collaborated as producers on a number of films and worked on each other’s films as well.

He was interested in the magic,” Mr. Pollack said. “Not fake magic, like hiding the ball under the cup, but real magic, the kind that occurs between people. Nowadays, everybody making movies wants to get the clothes off fast and the guns out quick, he was just the opposite. He was interested in the poetry, lavishing the viewer with story, and scope and richness. Look at what you got for your $12 ticket with Anthony.”

“There was a real authenticity to his work,” Mr. Pollack added. “He made movies about the world that we live in, where stuff happened that no one could have anticipated.”

-ny times

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