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I'm sorry but light_man's evidence of Paul being the same guy is better than the evidence of him being replaced.

I also wanted to say that I enjoy this thread and it is one of my favourites. When I make a comment, I am not doing it to troll and I am not a disinfo agent. We have come to blows over this in the past but I genuinely do enjoy this thread and it would be ashame if people weren't allowed to participate. I think we should be allowed to debate and learn from each other rather than accepting some dodgy pieces of evidence as the truth without hearing everybody's elses theories on it. I am sure you would like to be proved wrong because nobody would want these poor souls to be tormented like this. But it's looking like the opposite whenever somebody new comes along and disagrees.

I have to agree with other posters that this thread does seem a bit cliquey at times but I can understand the frustration of the more regular posters when somebody comes along and ridicules a post by saying the most obvious things like "it's just ageing" because that's patronising.

There have been times when there have been photo comparisons and I have thought "whoa! that's obvious evidence of cloning" but there are times when I think "nah! that's a terrible example". I think that there is the technology for things like this but I am hoping that they don't actually use it.

Keep up the good work though guys, this is one of the best threads on the forum.
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