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Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
Yep. That seems like the plan to me. It's all based on govt dependency. All these idiots who think they have a right to free health care don't understand they'll actually be paying for it with their very souls..
well lets say you give everyone free health care but lets say that the society you build in the process is one where people feel so much malaise that they embrace harmful activities as a consolation for a life they don't feel is vital

Lets say they drink too much, take too many drugs, get harmful drugs from their doctor to numb their anxiety or emotional pain or eat lots of junk food and smoke too much

Lets say also that depression has a kind of paralysing effect where a person gets into a downward spiral so not only do they do the things above but they also feel less motivated to get out into the world and be active and therefore they don't get much exercise

what is the result of this life that lacks vitality and breeds malaise?

The result is that health will decline and more and more people will then fall back on the free health care and that 'free' healthcare isn't free because it will have to be paid for by the taxpayer

It sure as hell won't be paid for by the super rich because they keep their money 'offshore' and out of the reach of the taxman so the people who will be taxed are the working people in the middle and as their wealth is destroyed the country will morph into a neo-fuedal society where there is only the super rich elites who control the powerful technology and the serfs who are dependent on the largesse of the fuedal class

The country will also become a two tier country where only the super rich will be able to afford the best of healthcare, education, transport, housing and so on and everyone else will be left with the dregs which will have been engineered to fail so that the peasant class never gains the vitality of mind, body or spirit that is required to lift itself out of the dirt
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