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Originally Posted by andy1033 View Post
All sexual stuff should be consensual.(that means done by persons, over an age where people are seen to understand what consent means.) This normally in most 1st world countries is 16 or 17. Rightly so.

Biting of a foreskin of a baby boys penis, and sucking blood from it, and passing stds to that baby boy, is not consensual.

Shows you judaism, is a darkside religion.

If people want to remove there baby boys foreskin, like germany says, it should be done by a doctor. Not by a sexual deviant called a rabbi, whom likes biting of baby boys foreskins and sucking blood from it.


Imagine some tool back long ago, thought in some state, that god must of told him, that its ok to bite of babies foreskin.

The only person whom benefits from circumcision, done the old way, is the rabbi, whom is a deviant.
It is vile agreed Andy, but not even a doctor should do this to a helpless baby. I'm an atheist but it seems to me a god that created the male body, then commands its followers that they cut off a part of a very sensitive part of the body when newly born is sadistic and crazy. This "religious tradition" makes no sense at all.
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