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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
Then you will have something tangible, relief that the water is fine.
If you're saying that I can trust an "independent" lab, I don't agree.
According to the Dutch Constitution, the Kingdom of the Netherlands is nothing but a Dictataorship:

As if that isn’t enough, art. 21 of the Wet op de Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdiensten shows that intelligence agencies can participate in basically any sort of criminal activity imaginable (the English translation is mine).
1. The services are authorised to:
a. employ natural persons, whether or not undercover of an assumed identity or capacity, which are the responsibility of an intelligence service:
1 °. to collect information about persons and organisations that may be of importance to an intelligence service;
2 °. to promote or take measures to protect the interests of an intelligence service.
b. establish and deploy legal entities to support operational activities.
3. The natural person, referred to in the first paragraph, under a, may also be instructed by the intelligence service to carry out actions that result in cooperation with a criminal offense or commit a criminal offense. An instruction as referred to in the first sentence is only given if the proper execution performance of the task of the intelligence service or the safety of the natural person involved so requires.
7. By or pursuant to a general Order in Council, on the recommendation of the relevant Ministers and Our Minister of Security and Justice jointly, further rules may be laid down with regard to:
a. the conditions under which and the cases in which, in order to execute an instruction by a natural person as referred to in the first paragraph, part a, actions may be carried out which may result in cooperation in the commission of a criminal offense, or commit a criminal offense;
If you're saying that people in other Western countries aren't systematically poisoned as part of the depopulation agenda to make them ill, I also disagree.
This is a (the) cause of manmade diseases, like cancer or AIDS.

Have you've ever seen anybody spitting hundreds of times a day (has regularly happened to me in 2004, 2011, 2012, 2013)?
This has stopped though. That's not counting the 40 times I had diarrhoea (usually with fever) in 2014 alone.
Spitting can also be caused by poison gas, but that doesn't cause diarrhoea.

Of course I have been fooled.
I have also thought that some plastic drinking bottles were also toxic. That was before I found out that radiation in my house also makes food and drinks toxic.

Because I have been able to block the radiation in my house with aluminium plates, while I don't go to the internet cafes anymore were the telescreens radiated me, I'm actually getting back in shape.
Before I had blocked the radiation, I literally had to piss double the "normal" amount when I was in my apartment.

There were 16 electrical wires attached to one lamp!

But I'm not saying to believe anything I write. When you will be poisoned in a similar fashion as they have been doing to me, you'll probably continue in your half-sleeping state, going to the hospital for "help".

The strange thing is that you probably agree that people get killed.
You probably disagree that not many people know as much as I do, which could be a motive for killing me.

In the Dutch law it is specified that the inspector can order that indicated consumers get drinking water that’s hazardous to their health. According to art. 29 lid 1 Drinkwaterbesluit drinking water that contains too much poison can be delivered.
See (my translation of) art. 52 Drinkwaterwet:
If according to the judgement of the inspector: the delivery of drinking water to consumers can be hazardous to the health, he can forbid the delivery thereof or can allow it to be used only in indicated situations, in an indicated manner.
Do NOT ever read my posts.
Google and Yahoo wouldn’t block them without a very good reason:

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