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Ned Flanders runs a shop that caters to left-handed people, who are traditionally demonised by the Christian church. There is a belief that left-handed people are more likely to be homosexual.

Series 19

Episode 2 "Homer of Seville" - Homer sexily compliments a man's eyes as if the man was a lady, because Marge wants him to stop flirting with elderly women who have been complimenting his singing. Homer says to the man: "I'm enjoying the calm waters of your deep blue eyes."

Series 23

Episode 10 "Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson" - Homer is glad to get a security 'pat down' from a male security employee. Carl, speaking about Homer's crying, says: Is it a little weird how much he cries?" Lenny replies 'no': "When a guy who loves America cries, it makes him super straight".

Episode 11 "The D'Oh-cial Network" - Homer eats a phallic looking iced bun as it unravels. Lenny goes into a shop that sells girl dolls, called "American Princess". Homer applies feminine eyeliner to one eye.

Episode 12 "Moe Goes From Rags To Riches" - Homer walks upside down on a ceiling. His phallic shaped bottle of beer empties into the mouth of Barney.

Episode 13 "The Daughter Also Rises" - Lisa is reluctant to kiss a boy.

Episode 20 "The Spy Who Learned Me" - Chief Wiggum unexpectedly sees his colleague Lou in his imagination, then wonders "What does this mean?" Homer puts his hand in the crotch/groin of an imaginary male person.

Episode 21 "Ned 'n' Edna's Blend" - Ned promotes his shop that caters to left-handed people, a trait that is associated with homosexuality. Ned attends a meeting of "the Springfield LGBT: The left-gifted bidextrous and transhanded community", which alludes to the real world LGBT community ( Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans-gender). Homer buckles his belt through Flander's belt loop.
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