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Default The Simpsons, homosexuality and transhumanism

An ongoing theme in "The Simpsons" is the constant insinuation (or explicit acknowledgement) that virtually all of its' characters are homosexual. Why? Is it psychologically preparing us for the Ruling Elite's modification of the Human Race as we evolve towards a sexless species?

Homer – who is supposedly heterosexual – has received the most hints, starting from the first episode in which he drives a pink car, whereas his wife Marge drives a red car. Pink is traditionally a feminine/gay colour. CARL and LENNY have a 'bromance' with numerous sexual overtones, e.g. Series 18
Episode 7 "The Ice Cream Of Margie" - After an accident, Lenny says "I don’t know where Carl ends and I begin!”. Carl then says "See, it’s statements like that that makes everyone think we’re gay". I will be slowly adding more of these references to my website in "The Simpsons" section. See:
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