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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
Jesus is real, to a point. However, Jesus has become more than a physical representation and his message has been bastardised / minipulated to suit a dark agenda.... An agenda that apposes Christ Consciousness.

The original philosophy of Chrst Consciousness is real, the mask that has been painted over that isn't.

You won't find Jesus when you look at religious art pieces, or in the biblical scriptures, Jesus is a Conscious expression and is found in the heart, it is a way of life....

Did Jesus exist? Likely 'a man' existed who was able to unite a people through philosophy. 2000 years later what we have left of that man, and that philosophy, has been taken and manipulated to be everything that the original philosophy is not.

Jesus does not unite people anymore, as his message would have done, and so the commonly accepted form of Jesus is not true - but most people accept that mirage.

In terms of religious philosophy, in terms of Consciousness, Jesus is real.

In terms of religious mandates and the applied distruction of the Divine Within the Church has made Jesus into a symbolic tenant of control and manipulation.

One can say the same things about buddhism, The Buddha of Compassion may just be a story that can be attached to a real person, does that make the Buddha of Compassion any less or more real?

Compassion is in itself a real expression, whether that expression exists in buddhism can be argued, but for some or even many, Compassion is as a fundamental part of their spirituality... And it is that later aspect which makes it real, makes the story real and makes the man real.

Christ Consciousness is the same thing.

So why Jesus, as a man, may or may not have be real, Christ Consciousness is very, very real.
Jes-us is as real as the summer sun.
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