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Default Z realities (plural) therefore Z does not equal Z

Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
I have by and large removed X and Y and now control my own Zed, to do that one can ignore how the first two are governed by turning them off, it could be TV, Radio or WWW or holy of holies.

As soon as I did this I could easily see how the rest of society was being governed, you could see every builders van on a morning the occupants coming out of the shop with the sun or NOTW under their arms, cans of energy drinks to their lips and the list goes on and on, Bernays must be rejoicing in his grave.

It is a loope but one that is controlled, but quite difficult to break without getting withdrawal symptoms, which we do feel the moment we do anything different to the ground hog day programming we have encountered since recognizing any of the corporate logos.
Get your point but personally do not see how there can be preferential reference frames - to borrow a term from the physical sciences - in the context of the infinite universe. Therefore your Z reality and my Z reality could be different and we would both be right. It is just your Z reality is clear to you but my Z reality is not hence arguing on the Net possibly the lowest ebb of the human experience. If my Z reality was clear to me I would either agree with the consensus or not be on these forums...
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