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Originally Posted by fudgetusk View Post
I've been reading Icke's older books and in one he goes on about Jesus being real. Then in the next book Jesus isn't real. If he's listening to his heart then what went wrong and can we trust anything he says? I still do, truth be told. Hey, I've got nothing better to do.
Same problem here with changing mind about Jesus but also changed mind about the cause of global warming. The author does stress that themes and not details is what matters but for me it is hard to know what to believe because there is a lack of consistency. (Meanwhile gravity pulls inexorably downward.) In defence, when you develop ideas you refine and adjust them as your knowledge, direct and indirect, increases and understanding deepens. I am testing my beliefs by exploring them, spiritual/scientific, rational/irrational, reductionistic/holistic. I read that you read The Perception Deception [2013] nine times. This is the sort of thing I would do also but it is not healthy! I need a different perspective to clarify what it is I am actually about. This person reckons X. This person reckons Y. If there is no universal agreement, what do I reckon, Z? Is anything certain in life?
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