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Originally Posted by princessofwands View Post
I just read his blog ... interesting snippets of info there too.

Blair --1 trait: Claims to have a special relationship with God or fakes being religious

Instant asleep/awake--reptilian.

Secondary 'Relative' Psychopathic Traits

Sexual promiscuity/Asexuality/One night stands

Narcissism/boastfulness a sense of being born for a special purpose.

History of brief or failed relationships ending badly which are always the fault of the other party - wants to/or does get engaged/married on impulse.

Waking up in a pool of sweat even in cold weather.

Migraine headaches

Falling asleep instantly and/or waking up instantly

Idealisation followed by cold rejection

Eyes dead and lifeless, then racing frantically from side-to-side with a "win" or scam.

Needing, at most, 4-5 hours sleep a night.

Constantly looking and acting busy for no apparent reason.

Highly unreliable/broken promises.

Constantly trying to correct others’ opinions (arrogant pseudo-sceptic/debunker)
Righteous indignation/condescending/always right - never wrong

Crocodile tears and unconvincing emotional responses, superficial laughter.

Extreme and obvious flattery – emulating/Sycophantic.

Claims to be the only person who really relates to you

Obsessed with the latest pharmaceuticals/hypochondriac.

Has no real creative talent (can only copy – can’t innovate or be original)

Phoney altruism

Gifts designed to “buy you” or to mould you in a certain way (their taste in clothes, pop psychology books)

Little or no interest in parenting (even if they have children, while claiming to adore them)

Easily bored

Becomes obsessed with a hobby or causes/individuals and then loses interest instantly.

Feels they are entitled to the best of everything and expects to be indulged.

Exploits parents, the elderly or handicapped (money, free rent, getting into wills, legal help)

Claims to have a special relationship with God or fakes being religious

Parasitic lifestyle/slacker/highly-strung “genius”/middle-aged student who never graduates

Expelled/‘flunks out’ from educational institutions and then blames the entire institution and not themselves.
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