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Originally Posted by the apprentice View Post
We are lacking a decent herb bed here but have a few medicinals like Sage, Comfrey, Sweet Ciciley, Angelica and a few ancients like Good King Henry, lovage and Anise. I'm into the Culpepper camp now for several years and have used some treatments successfully.
That sound like a pretty nice mix. I am renting a house atm so I can or will not go overboard with the gardening, but this time next year I will own a house and then its planting time.
I heard good things about comfrey but I live in spain and I am not sure if its to hot for it there. Maybe just grow it in the winthef like I do pak choi and spinach. It should be great for kompost and the soil here deff need some mulching and some compost mixed in it so its something I will have to look into
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