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Originally Posted by greatestiam View Post

If Christians and Muslims did live by the barbaric ideals their religions and Gods wanted, the inquisitions and jihads would force the rest of us to eliminate those fouls religions for reasons of self-defense.

The glass is always half empty for you greatestiam, but it's alright allow me to relieve you from that confirmation bias you seem to continuously fall prey:

- The UMMA Community Clinic was founded by a group of Muslim medical students with the goal of providing affordable health care to all, regardless of faith.

- the Sisters of St. Joseph are dedicated to providing women with tools for empowerment, particularly among the undereducated and those who lack a high school diploma or speak languages other than English.

- The Arlington Sandgate Sunderland Summer Lunch Program being the joint endeavor of several schools and churches in Vermont provides a bag of fixings for a week’s worth of lunches to students in the area.

- Islamic Relief USA is an international humanitarian aid organization that works to alleviate hunger, disease, and illiteracy regardless of religion or race.

- An initiative of the United Methodist Church, Imagine No Malaria operates more than 300 hospitals, clinics, and health posts throughout Africa to help prevent malaria in highly impacted areas

- The Texas Muslim Women's Foundation promotes peace in the home and community by offering shelter and services to victims of domestic violence

- Compassion UK is a Christian organization that runs multiple charities, including the Child Survival Programme which works with expecting mothers and caregivers to prevent malnutrition by teaching them how to better care for their children and prevent diseases.

Want more examples? Sure thing.

I look forward to your intellectual dishonesty.
The belief there was once absolutely nothing. And nothing happened to the nothing until the nothing magically exploded (for no reason), creating everything and everywhere. Then a bunch of the exploded everything magically rearranged itself (for no reason whatsoever), into self-replicating bits which eventually turned into dinosaurs.

And they mock your beliefs.
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