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Default Learning to fly in your dreams is the first step to becoming God

When you fly in your dreams it's all based on confidence, you can stay up as long as you fully believe it, but when you start to doubt or fear then you begin dropping towards the ground. When you pluck up the gumption and belief in yourself again then you can fly with confidence in the dream and start moving around more freely.

It's similar to swimming lessons as a child, there was that stage where you couldn't swim at all and you needed inflatable "water wings". Then you actually began swimming on your own, or riding a bike without training wheels, and your parent's shouted "you're doing it, you're doing it". It's like having your own functioning wings.

Learning to fly in your dreams has a very similar quality to it, it's all based on self confidence.

There's going to come a day when fear goes away, when that happens all this will be possible.
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