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Originally Posted by simplify View Post
I am curious about something: Those of you who have the Rh.neg O blood. What blood type do your siblings & parents have? I am wondering if the RH neg. type can show up in just one child, while the others have another blood type. If so, I wonder what causes this anomaly?
Yes, it can show up in only one child, as I am the only one in my family that I am aware of who has rhesus negative blood (type A).

A rhesus positive parent can have rhesus negative offspring if both parents carry the actual gene for rhesus negative children.

Their children may then be either rhesus positive or rhesus negative; that all depends upon fate. Rhesus negative is less likely.

My son's father is rhesus positive, so is my first son. My second son is rhesus negative, therefore his father must also carry the gene for it.
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