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It may be because I am a slow learner or have trouble concentrating but I have to read the books at least twice to properly absorb the information.

Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
Neil Hague's superb illustrations are important as part of the whole package, offering a pictorial version of what he's trying to express in words.
I agree wholeheartedly and also the political art of David Dees.

Originally Posted by kizzie View Post
All his books are stand alone books so I would expect them to be along the same lines
He purposely writes them in this way so newcomers do not have to read the old material.

Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
As a relative newcomer, I'm working backwards through his books from most recent to earliest, so haven't spotted contradictions yet unlike some of you discerning types.
If you compare his earlier work with his recent work he has changed his mind over the details of the global conspiracy but the themes are the same. When I first realised this I lost confidence in his method of dot connecting and following the information where it goes because it seemed to me he was changing his mind too often. Therefore how accurate are his speculations? Is he going to change his mind again in the next book? Am I being taken for a ride? This turned me on to scientific scepticism but I found it too limiting and narrow in scope to properly explain the complexity of the world and my own subjective experiences.
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