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Originally Posted by infinite i View Post
So how does this phantom self compare to say the perception deception?? which I really liked but dont want to be rehashing things again, I mean I was hoping it was going to be more along the lines of infinite love is the only truth, so it isnt then no??
I own both Perception Deception and Phantom Self and I can say that Phantom Self takes the information first introduced in Perception Deception quite a bit further in terms of detail. While I've only scanned the book in some parts and read a few chapters here and there I can tell you that it is quite different from Perception Deception. The introduction of the term "Phantom Self" is in of itself brilliant as is the way he wrote the entire book from this perspective. If you enjoyed Infinite Love, you will definitely like Phantom Self.

Icke also speaks about Black Goo for the first time, the Archontic Mind Virus and the Demiurge AI/Saturn control system in much more depth than before and how it all relates to Transhumanism, psychopathy and changing our world and minds into theirs etc. The chapter entitled "The Paranormal is Normal" is particularly captivating - dare I say genius. The role of crisis actors in false flag events also gets quite a bit more emphasis. All the usual themes are there with a few new ones introduced, namely the concepts of Black Goo and the Archontic Mind Virus - both are fleshed out in a brilliant concise fashion along with an avalanche of other information that is as always with Icke's books revised, updated and expanded up to the moment.

Lets just put it this way. You get your moneys worth.
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