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Awesome, I just looked this up a week ago after getting my last HPV shot on purpose. (There's a method to the madness!) Anyways,

I have a special tip, about people who may already have a bit of copper toxicity.... Which is probably a bit more of you on this site than I realize. You may be hit harder by vaccinations/other heavy metal poisoning a bit harder. Here is what to do/ info about copper poisoning a bit.

Antioxidant vitamin, (BACED, is an acronym to help you remember which ones to look for!)
Zinc **Counters Copper Toxicity, and may other heavy metal toxicity
Selenium** Super important!
Coral based Calcium*** Coral based works especially well with the Magnesium
Metamucil!** because how else do you think it comes out?

Skip all the cilantro and garlic, it just sounds super healthy, and really things like cilantro can really screw with your constitution if you know not what you're doing. Metamucil is idiot proof, time tested, and it works.

Make sure none of these is made with titanium no matter what.
I would prefer cellulous based for a few reasons, but gelatin isn't going to kill you.
The less added ingredients the better.
Purchase them with NO dyes!!! NONE.
Make sure there is NO copper added to any of these supplements, because this is the entire point.
If you find you have an aversion to eating meat, and not because of moral views, it may be likely you suffer with copper toxicity.
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