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Originally Posted by night_gaunt View Post
I remember this story but i don't remember muslims...
Don't tell me they were just added in.

The men accused have muslims names , and lived in muslim areas and are of Pakistani/Bangladeshi descent. I think its safe to assume that they are muslims.

The MSM try to avoid stating the facts of these mens religion for fear of backlash.

Intersting fact - One of the gangs ( rochdale or mancs i think ) had men of all races in it , asian , white , black. The factor that they ALL had in common was that they were all muslim. The black men been from muslim somalia/africa and the whites been converts.

I used to live in one of these so called "mulit-cultural-paradises" , the reality was it was very unsafe for all non muslims of any coulour !! Especially women.I couldnt walk down the street without getting vile sexual threats shouted at me. 4 women got raped in one week in dec 2011 , of course the local paper only reported ONE of these rapes .........why? They are shit scared of the "community" burning down their offices , like what happened in Burnley when the paper their "dared" to report such a thing.

No , not all muslims are bad , but theres a hell of a lot of them seem to have no respect for women , and seem to think that a woman who isnt covered in a burqa is "asking for it ".
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