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Originally Posted by bendoon View Post
Tolerant people stand by as the daughters of their fellow country men are raped in the thousands by people from foreign lands, the only possible explanation for such behaviour is that they have been brainwashed, in the time before mass brainwashing was possible they would have taken steps to prevent the rapes and expell the rapists.
Tolerance does not equate to apathy & cowardice.

Originally Posted by bendoon
I would say it is a shite world where people are too scared to stand up for what is right for fear of being called intolerant
I would agree with that too.
The "truth movement" is a psy-op to stage the Apocalypse:
Manufactured Problem: the Liberal/Islamic "Anti-Christ" NWO - Multiculturalism & Internationalism
Fake Solution: the Theocratic "Christian Patriot" NWO - Nationalism & Imperialism

=Thesis & Anti-Thesis: Don't pick a side!! Don't fall for it!!
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