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Default Majority Rules: They are we and we are they.

Originally Posted by jtdavy View Post
I can agree with you. Pleasure addicted people make decisions based on selfish desires, causing more and more grief. I also want to see the parasite die. But is everyone is so bad? We're all tangled up in so much, people just give up and give in. But to be wiped out because I failed to overcome my vices would be a little extreme. I feel there is still hope, for myself, for others. I'm sure there are some that are good people... But then yes, there are individuals who deserve their life to be taken from them.
The majority rules, the unselfish ones are the minority, which are the ones that would sacrifice their life without hesitation for the cause of prosperity and peace, but prosperity and peace tis' perspective, as is what's good and evil. My view of paradise is earth without humanity. But the majority rules, we will be punished for the majority of our populace, whether it by nature or ourselves. We have to accept that we are a part of this pathetic excuse of a species and that their actions define our actions and vice versa, because we are all one. .....
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