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Default Here is my thoughts

Originally Posted by 1zenith View Post
Nice post. What a very ACCURATE depictions of reppies. I would be scared to death to do Auyaska, Mushrooms, or DMT.
Dam, dmt sounds good tho.
Yes, and the reptilians do have an ASS fetish.
They even put it in the movie "the END".

You don't need all that to experience reptilians.

First time I accidently did drugs was Synthetic drug called
Jungle Juice. The chemical is about 25letters long.
Most ppl who do that drug do get POSSESSED and I did.
Most ppl end up dead.

3 yrs ago before i knew about reptilians, An entity took over my body which I believe was a reptilian or other evil
demon. I think reptilians are a type of demon. But some arent so mean I know. They all can shapeshift. So they are all one in the same. SO anyway the entity kept putting a repetitive thought in my head "go get the knife kill her kill me" "go get the knife kill her kill me". Under that state of mind I think i really could have killed someone with my PINKY finger if some1 got in my face. My gf sort of stayed at a distance off in the kitchen.
She knew i was 'trippin'. Anyway there is no way to describe that entity other than PURE DEMOM from HELL. BUT it only took over 99.9 percent of my body. Only small small part of me still knew I was ME.

Say no to DRUGS!!!!!!!!!! lol
I was so nieve I thought those drugs were safe since you could get them at the head shop store.

Here is how the POSSESSION went down: I laid on top of my gf for at least 30 minutes in a catatonic state after smoking jungle juice. I raised up from her and leaned up on the couch and i girated like a wild animal BOOM BOOM BOOM on the couch.
I felt like some strung out meth chic then.
Then I sat there STILL, then a wave and CLOUD came over me.
All over my body. Ya this was an angel alright . A FALLEN PHUKin' ANGEL.

Then that is when I became a male demon. I was not me anylonger.
Just him. With my eyes OPEN, after the wave/cloudiness/fogginess came over me, I saw a scene play out right in front of me in the other dimension : an ugly 40s looking WHITE guy 5' 7" was stomping around
in a house back and forth back and forth like all ANGRY, like as if he just murdered his family.
Thats when i had the thoughts in my brain " go get the knife kill her kill me". Over and over again. After about 2hours it completely went away.
But that was most disturbing thing i ever went thru.
I think it was a reptilian POSING as a white guy who possessed me.
I knew exactly where that big butcher knife was in the kitchen drawer.

That is y planet earth is nothing but negative and evil and satan is runnin' planet earth. Because ppl arent spiritual or even aware of the
dark forces so the reptilians win almost everytime. Thus making ppl murder etc. See I had angels helping me out . I already was a very spiritual person before the possession .
Thus, I am alive.

You dont need drugs to see reptilian shapeshifting. Its called LEARNING.
Raise your vibrations more and more and you will see more and more.
Knowledge is power.
My THEORY, is that you may need to raise your self awareness before experiencing such things. It's widely known that powerful hallucinogens, such as DMT, can have a negative impact on those who aren't prepared. Set and setting is only the lower half of the requirements, the higher half is to experience your true self at its current state, blaming the reptile won't ease the tension of what happened.
Bettering yourself and moving forward, maintaining a clear vision of yourself and meditating often will help you find out who you really are. Psilocybin mushrooms in nature (anywhere away from the human world) would have been a much better first hallucinogenic experience for you. be in nature alone to meditate sometimes. If you find that your current self is evil, by your own judgement of course, then from there you must chose to go with it or oppose it. I wouldn't be the one to tell you which is the right choice because from what a read from you so far, your good is probably my evil so. In that case your evil, would be the right choice, to me.
If you actually ever had a great experience using ayahuasca or DMT, and was able to meet and experience a reptiles' energy before you, you would really understand everything about them. If you asked (by a strong connection of the mind: telepathic communication using images and emotions releasing specific vibrations that can fit an entire planets story in, what it seems like in OBE, instantaneously ) any question they would not hesitate to answer, but the most important answers regarding yourself or what's most important to you, would not be given directly. It would be like a symbolic answer that only you will be able to decipher, but in order to truly do that, you need full self awareness. If anything, they are the "angels" (as you say) of this planet. Hope I helped!
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