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Originally Posted by chronic View Post
This excerpt is from a book that has got no connection to David Icke or his theories & as far as i know the writer of the trip report had no knowledge whatsoever of these reptilian theories.

The book is about the Magic Mushroom written by the knowledgeable Ralph Metzner , published in 2004. 'Sacred Mushroom of Visions'

Towards the end of the book it has trip reports from voyagers who had ingested the magic mushroom, what follows is an excerpt from that section of the book:

'I was catapulted quite beyond the room into a realm where reptilian people were in battle with human beings of our planet. They were from a different dimension of reality and through some opening of a tear between our two worlds, they were able to make their way into ours. They were trying to take over our minds and bodies and were extremely focused on domination over our species. I felt i was experiencing some distant time in the beginning of our human presence on this planet.

I was being shown the inner working of these reptilian beings and the long standing war that raged between our species. Most of them were sort of lizard-man combination. They stood as a person would stand, on legs, so that they were as tall as me or even taller. Their skin was bumpy and scaled, greenish, pinkish, bluish. They had long dark-pinkish tongues and to communicate telepathically through deep intense glances of their eyes.

I was shown that the reptilian people were aware that humans commonly lost their focus and were asleep to the influences that surrounded them. This lack of a centering cause a sort of 'hole' in the human through which the reptilian peoples influence could find its way in. Then the human would consciously or unconsciously begin to act with the coldness of the reptilian attitude. It was a very tough situation.

The reptilian people seemed evil, in that their emotions were heartless, with no sense of compassion. All that moved them was their need to attain their goal and an insatiable appetite for power. As the experience unfolded, i was aware that they had been at this project of trying to control human people for many thousands of years. They understood our psychology. They had found a way to disguise themselves as humans and bind humans to them through false friendships & relationships, even to win humans over to actually becoming lizard people.

As i lay on my mat i wondered if any of the people in the room had been taken over by the lizard people. I realized how fearful i was feeling and i did not want to get into projecting my fear onto the others. I was very aware that i was under the influence of a mind altering subtance and i reminded myself that the experience was bound to last only a few more hours.

I tried to shift myself out of this fear, but to no avail. I was working hard to keep calm because the whole of myself, even my body, was terrified. What i had seen had shifted my understanding of my world.


The rest of the trip report doesn't mention the reptilian lizard people other than to say she thinks it was somehow connected to the reptilian brain or that she thinks maybe she entered into 'the world of the salamander', further prooving she knows nothing in general about the reptilian theories other than what she just actually saw for herself.

I think this was quite the find considering it has no connection to David's teachings whatsoever (that i know of)

If anyone has the power to bring it to his attention please do...

Mind blowing. Thanks for sharing. For those wanting a PDF of the book here's a link:
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