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Default Hello luuu

positiveevitisop i can't believe this forum is full of people that moan and whine, instead of explaining their views
luuu--- I'm not sure if your criticizing me or if you're agreeing with me. when you said full of people, I thought you might be talking about everyone else but... that's too broad, I'm going to assume that was sarcasm and you did no like my response especially since you started with my title, like you are mocking me. You see, I did just fine at "explaining my views," I just let out a little frustration with my response. Nothing wrong with being truthful with my views instead of holding them back, and bottling them inside.

I truly am disgusted with my own species, and there is nothing wrong with feeling that way or any way for that matter, since it's only perspective. Although feeling how you want may not be wrong, it still defines the one who is expressing those feelings and that's what I accomplished in my last response. My "views" were expressed clearly enough and if you have a problem with mine then say so, instead whining about me supposedly "moaning and whining."
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