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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
^ the pyramids

And they were built for people who ruled a top down tiered system of mass enslavement - albeit, as current understanding has it, with a well catered for and willing workforce..... Willing slaves: the backbone of democracy lol

Brings to mind: 'what have the roman's ever done for us? ...., apart from the.....'


But, the fact remains, that when a document is presented, or the Quoran is cited in it's delivery of violence toward non-faith, it is invariably yelled down by those who wish to silence truth - i wonder how long before this thread is shouted down?

(Not accusing you of doing this btw DG )

it does seem that some (progressives, lefties etc) are more willing to force tollerance upon those who ask questions as to the validity of 'peace' within a section of society who do not wish to be peacefull.
Well, I'm not so sure about that one, Z. Yes, there's plenty of evidence out there now which suggests the Great Pyramids were not built by slaves, but were built by a very well paid and highly regarded & highly skilled workforce. Which would also bring into question how slave orientated some of these ancient cultures and civilizations really were? Hollywood always projects them in a bad light. which is a big red flag for me straight off the bat.

I know what you're saying re the Pyramid structure in general though, and the ruling classes. It does seem to be symbolic of rule from the top down. That said if that rule from the top down was for the benefit of the people, and the leadership or king had the peoples interests at heart, then it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing in my opinion.
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