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Originally Posted by cosmicpurpose1.618 View Post
What makes you so sure our lifestyles are right and that they don't need to change?????

Westerners live mostly off the backs of slave labor, is that right? Does that need to change?

I'm not saying that the Muslim lifestyle is particularly any better, but surely you must agree that something in western society (society in general, really) must change, many things we do aren't right.

Just like I'm sure Islamic society has it's faults, and of course it's no reason to obliterate the entire western culture, but the Muslims are right that some things certainly have to change.
Wake up my friend. Those muslims who want to take over do not want to for the benefit of you and I.
Western society, despite it's many faults, enjoys the most freedom on this planet. I'd rather live this way than swap it for any other that currently exists.
If Muslims want to be surrounded by Islam then there are plenty Islamic countries to choose from. Most of them are not being bombed.
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