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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
Man on Didsbury QT gets shouted down by Muslim in audiance, and quickly sidelined by Dimbleby for producing paerwork from Didsbury mosque that states "Western lifestyle is immoral at every step."

How long are the media and we - in general - going to ignore the issues being preached and taight in mosques by fundamental right wing muslims who are set against our lifestyle, who want us to change, and who will go to great lengths in their attempts to force change, and make our lifestyle out to be wrong?
You're absolutely right about them being right wing muslims. You've probably caused some lefty heads to implode by saying that though.

But how long indeed? Well, for as long as speaking out alienates you from the norm, gets you a criminal record, loses you your job. In a short time we've become a nation of pussies. The comfortable middle ground is shrinking fast, theres nowhere else to go.

But heres my thoughts. If you don't like the society you live in then fuck off to one that suits you better. Stop trying to change the one your in you selfish cunts.

The fact is, and Mr Icke himself doesn't seem to acknowledge it, Western countries and their people are the most hospitable, relaxed and kind. The diversity brigade should go over to China or and tell them to be more accommodating and start changing their ways for the minority.
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