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You have to remember that your working with energy because everything is made of energy(vibrating and various speeds) and sending out LOVE even when your cant syncronise with the uk will still be ok.... because there is no such thing as time.... its just a concept.And use your imagination when sending out love..... you can visualise yourself a as beacon of love and you are lighting up other peoples hearts and so they too become beacons of love.You can visualise a rainbow traveling around the planet and everyone absorbing its rays as it passes through them ...along with the music lyrics from the beatles "All you need is LOVE" "LOVE is all you need" you can even visualise the rainbow leaving earth and travelling around in space and then returning back.Even imagine Love being absorbed by the people who try to govern our lives..... send them love and lots of it..... visualise their hearts growing and beating stronger with LOVE.We are the weavers of the world and united in LOVE we can create a world how we want it to be. So use your imagination and be as creative as you like.
Also on a personal level.... start hugging people and learn to forgive or say sorry...... because when you work on yourself are assisting with the planets healing and the people as a whole.People respond to kindness and it restores faith in mankind.United we stand and devided we fall....... where is the sense of community these days.... people are becomming isolated and detatched from each other . So its time to change and LOVE is the key that will set us free
LOVE is the KEY that will set YOU FREE
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