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Arrow Black Saturday

The Exorcist Soundtrack 01 Song - Iraq..

Bravo Two Zero 7..

During the evening of 26 January, Mitchell's group of 5 robbed a taxi at gun point by having Consiglio pretend to be wounded in Mitchell's arms whilst lying on the side of a road..

Gulf War (168 of 374) - Desert Storm - Broadcast (New Zealand) 26th January, 1991..

When the car approached, Pring, Lane, and Coburn came up from behind cover and surrounded the vehicle..According to Mitchell's account, the group evicted all occupants from the taxi and drove until they reached a check point..During an exchange of gunfire prior to capture, Coburn was shot in both the arm and ankle..

The One That Got Away - 1996..

The Cairo fire, was a series of riots that took place on 26 January 1952, marked by the burning and looting of some 750 buildings—retail shops, cafes, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, theatres, nightclubs, and the city's Opera House—in downtown Cairo..The direct trigger of the riots was the killing by British occupation troops of 50 Egyptian auxiliary policemen in the city of Ismaïlia in a one-sided battle a day earlier - In Sumerian and Akkadian Mesopotamian mythology in general) Hanbi-Hanpa was the god of evil-forces, and the father of Pazuzu and Humbaba..While Gilgamesh thus distracts and tricks this spirit of the cedar forest, the 50 unmarried young men he has brought on the adventure are felling cedartimber, stripping it of its branches and laying it "in many piles on the hillside," ready to be taken away..Thus the adventure reveals itself in the context of a timber raid, bringing cedar wood to timberless Mesopotamia.. recall that I was in the New York area at the time and I stopped by to see General MacArthur, who I had known for several years..When he greeted me, he made quite a prophetic statement..I see you have a new job...

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