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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
Temperature and humidity must be considered. This varies from hour to hour, day to day and sometimes quite abruptly (and randomly) at different altitudes.

This all permits contrails to persist and spread greatly under the right conditions.

If you doubt this, ask some amateur meteorology news groups for their views and please report back here.

Amateur pilots' groups will also have something to share.

That's the official story.

Barely any passenger planes create lasting trails and no small planes do at all from what I have seen.

Most trails also seem to last a long time on any given day. They fly some chem planes to spray short lasting trails just as a cover.

The big giveaway that it is something they are spraying is when the trails expand to become huge clouds.

Anyone know how so much water is produced by plane engines? I know how it is produced in cars, they use a catalytic converter.
Plane exhaust isn't passed through catalytic converters so should there really be so much 'water vapour'?

If it is overcast in Melbourne you can bet it is at least part chem clouds, if not mostly chem clouds.
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