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Originally Posted by bones View Post
hey guys , ide like to share my experience of shooting my first duck.

yesterday me and my brother went to our local wild pond ,were hundreds of ducks play...

we decide to use the method of feed and grab, sadly the ducks were having none of it and wouldnt come near me as i had camos on ... i assumed it was that cos when i moved away they got more balls and mounted the path.

anyways i decided to sit in the woods and shoot one from a distance.

it worked a treat, i got a head shot( airgun) and killed it outright...... now i know its not sportsman like to do what i did, but hey as long as i respect the breeding season feb-oct, i class it as lawful.....

i cleaned it and ovened it on the same day and it was beautiful...

we are gonna do a net catch one day too hopefully well get 2-3 in one go for the freezer...
well done bonesy , just watch out for the old bill though if youre doing that.

i prefer flighting meself, but as long as youre doing it in a clean efficient manner i don't see a problem

you can also be more selective and pick the drakes.
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