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In 2004, the media first announced that Israel’s favourite Dutch politician Geert Wilders (leader of the Freedom Party, PVV) was given 24-hour protection to make him appear authentic. Wilders has visited Israel numerous times and talks about Israel as the last defender of democracy.
The organisations that sponsor Wilders from the US overlap. The same people appear different conferences, sat on each others’ boards, and gave each other awards. This “Islamophobia network”, as critics called it, included the Middle East Forum of Daniel Pipes, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, and bloggers like Pamela Geller.

Wilders has also received financial support, including from member of the Council on Foreign Relations Nina Rosenwald, who founded the Gatestone Institute.

The Middle East Forum, provided money in the “six figures” to help pay “legal bills” for Wilders in the trial over his 2008 anti-Islam film “Fitna” that was staged in the Netherlands to given him additional exposure (and votes).
Daniel Pipes launched several “buttons” on websites of American organizations to donate money for a defence fund for Wilders. The amount raised is unknown; at the time, political parties in the Netherlands were not required to disclose contributions from abroad. Wilders himself denied that the money benefitted him or his party (no possibility fo verify).

The David Horowitz Freedom Centre has donated “roughly $150.000” to Geert Wilders over a 2 year period (in 2015, the PVV received 108,000 euros, nearly $120,000).
Senior Vice President of Macquarie Group Limited, Horowitz, was an investement banker for... Goldman Sachs.

Since January 2016, Wilders writes a montlhy column for Breitbart, where Trump’s resigned chief strategist Steve Bannon was (and is) CEO.
Bannon and Wilders are also linked by the late Avi Davis, whom Bannon knew and praised as a “friend” to Breitbart News. Davis was founder and president of the American Freedom Alliance and organised the 2009 dinner where Wilders was prasied of the “hero of conscience” he isn’t.

Pamela Geller is a long-time Wilders ally, who invited him for his first visit to the US in 2009.
He made an appearance in Washington at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee conference, and later turned up in Florida, Boston, and California.

From June 2013 to July 2016, Wilders made 6 trips to the US.
They were sponsored by the Freedom Center, the Gatestone Institute, and the International Freedom Alliance Foundation.
According to its 2015 IRS form, Robert J. Shillman is the only office holder of the International Freedom Alliance Foundation. Shillman is also an important donor to the David Horowitz Freedom Center and a Trump supporter.

In November 2014, Wilders spoke at the “restoration weekend” that the David Horowitz Freedom Center organises every year in Palm Beach, Florida.
The restoration weekend that year was also attended by Trump’s attorney general Jeff Sessions, his aide White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, and Congressman Louie Gohmert, who invited Wilders to Capitol Hill.

In April 2015, Wilders spent 2 days in Washington when he gave a press conference near the Capitol with Gohmert and Steve King and spoke at a breakfast meeting organised by King.

In July 2016, Wilders delivered his usual message at an event called “Wake Up!” where Islam was presented as a threat to homosexual people:

For more information on the SCL Group (Cambridge Analytica) and the Gatestone Institute:

When the hard-liner Zionist Avigdor Lieberman visited the Netherlands , he met with government officials and had a private dinner with Wilders.
During one of his many visits to Israel, Wilders met Aryeh Eldad of the “far right” colonists’ party Hatikva. Lieberman and Eldad praised Wilders for his remark that there will be no other Palestinian state in the Middle East than Jordan.

Member for the Tweede Kamer for the PVV, Gidi Markuszower (born in Tel Aviv, Israel), was spokesman of the Dutch branch of Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s Likud party from 1999 to 2005.
In 2010, Markuszower had to withdraw his candidacy because 2 years earlier he had been arrested by the Dutch cops for illegal firearms possession at an event for the Likud party.

Subsequently it was reported that Markuszower had been under investigation by the AIVD (Dutch intelligence) for having “passed on information to foreign sources”.
According to the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, Markuszower was working for Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad.

In June 2015, Gidi Markuszower quitely became a member of the Dutch parliament Eerste Kamer until March 2017 and since then has been a member of the Tweede Kamer.
He had earlier (like Wilders) been a member of the VVD party (but Markuszower was never in parliament for the VVD):
(archived here:

See Geert Wilders showing his Jewish roots...
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