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As far back as the beginning of the last century the Jewish Rothschild family has been promoting immigration into the United Kingdom

From Bibliography:

Jewish Year Book, 1904-5 (5665).

"Lord Nathan (Nathaniel) Meyer Rothschild is a governor of the Bank of England and a presiding officer of many great corporations.

In 1902 he was appointed a member of the Royal Commission on Alien Immigration, an office that brought him in touch with the late Theodor Herzl, whose East-African project he endorsed.

He offered positive and outspoken resistance to the bills proposed in Parliament for the restriction of alien immigration.

He has always been a liberal contributor to funds for the relief of the persecuted in Russia and elsewhere; he is a supporter and an officer of most of the communal charities, and a dispenser of private charity on a large scale, and is especially interested in the Jews' Free School, of which he is president and which owes its position to his benefactions. He holds the communal offices of president of the United Synagogue and warden of the Great Synagogue (the most typically Orthodox English synagogue in London), and is regarded as the lay head of the Jewish community of England.
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