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Lightbulb GI

Originally Posted by trixie View Post
Lightgiver-What do you think about the movie "The Ninth Gate"?
G is the 7th Letter of the Alpahbet..

I is the 9th letter of the Alaphbet...

G.I. is a noun used to describe members of the United States Army and items of their equipment.. The term is now used as an initialism of "Government Issue" (or often "General Infantry"), but originally referred to galvanized iron...GI also is used as a verb in military circles, and describes a deep-cleaning process of an area or item to meet higher-than-normal standards. Armed Services trainees, for example, could be ordered to "GI" a garbage can to the point that anyone could safely eat from its surface..

Karategi (空手着 or 空手衣) is the Japanese name for the karate training uniform....

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