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Originally Posted by chandrakavi View Post
don't know, but neither do you, so the time will come

when we we all find out if this is so.

Can you imagine, the shock people had when itt was proven that the earth was round,
after having thought for centuries that it was flat,
after all, our eyes STILL see it flat, don't we?
so I would keep an open mind,
until it is proven that it is solid as we have been told since birth,
if it isn't fine, let's just wait and not believe we are owners of any truth,
Best to you friend ,
In the days before the solid sphere (SS) model became accepted, the flat Earth (FE) model occupied exactly the same paradigm slot that the current SS model does. It was the one on all the maps, everyone accepted it is fact, it matched all the contemporary geological theories. What's more those who contradicted it; including those who upheld the SS model that is the conventional model today, like Columbus and Magellan, were ridiculed and shunned.

So if the FE model and the SS models occupy the same paradigm slot, so to speak, why should we accept the SS model as the final, ultimate truth?
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