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Originally Posted by white light View Post
Well, it'd have to be highly subjective for me to interpret your earlier unwarranted threat of using extreme force against me as a friendly neighbourhood doffing of the cap to someone with a memory long enough to remember Britain before it's entry into the EU. But I'll try.
if you have no problem with a grown adult fucking your young child then that's your aberration

Originally Posted by white light View Post
Still, I hope you realise that your interpretation of what is suggested by "superior" is subjective. What could have been meant by "superior" is people in positions of authority in society.

As such the Oxford "study" you've linked to could be a prime example of how "they" corral, cheat, bully, threaten, coerce, fear monger and harangue society into their gulag vision of society.
can you tell me which of the 7 values you are opposed to?
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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