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Originally Posted by white light View Post
What quantifies / qualifies as "superior"? By what criteria is it judged, and by whom? How objective is it?

What models of society are they comparing it against to make these assessments
I can't answer those questions, i don't have the answers to them

I also felt a pang of discomfort at the word 'superior'

if i had to have a guess though i reckon that what they are talking about is a deference to older members of the tribe. What this allows the young to get is the perspective of experience

if we look at our own society we can see a cultural marxist attempt to demonise the older generation and to drive a wedge between the generations

We saw a lot of this in the wake of the brexit vote where the goldman sachs (rothschild cabal) funded leave campaign abusively blamed the older generation for brexit while calling them all kinds of nasty names but the older generation are the ones who actually knew a time before membership in the EU so their perspective is an important one on this issue

What this then does is breakdown dialogue and a possiblity of reproachment and greater mutual understanding

But the thing to understand is that the rothschild cabal are not looking for compromise or understanding. They are looking to corral, cheat, bully, threaten, coerce, fear monger and harangue society into their technocratic gulag vision of society
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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