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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
so what icke is saying is that in order to hide how humans are manipulated by these occultic forces the system is teaching us false perceptions about the nature of our reality

Once we see the real paradigm the bizarre things like leylines and sacrificial murders etc all then make sense whereas under the paradigm taught by the system nothing makes sense! lol
I understand his theory but like I said, it doesnt mean thats what is going on. You dont need occultism to teach false reality. You only need to keep people focussed in everyday life to keep people from asking questions, which is why sport is a massive control system. Im quite certain that keeping people tied up with bullshit, with science teaching there is nothing spiritual, is the simplest way of keeping people closed down without the need for weird killings.

indeed but the engineers of perception can seek to change the moral codes of society

so satanism is a rejection of the current moral codes; the question being: what would they like to replace them with?
Personally I think people in power change morals, or more accurately percetions, to achieve what they need to achieve. Keep people greedy and selfish and they can exploit them.

Depends on your definition of satanism. Some satanists have quite a good moral code which they develop as a reaction to christian hypocracy. I would think a truly evil person wouldnt have any moral code, yet even really evil people, such as leading nazis, were often loving parents, etc.

I think the study of abuse of occult power is a very interesting area. The nazis seemed to use it quite a lot.
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