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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
As a person with an open mind I would think its a possibility. That doesnt mean it is definitely employed in the way you describe though. Its like saying how you can use electricity then coming up with something that might or might not work
so what icke is saying is that in order to hide how humans are manipulated by these occultic forces the system is teaching us false perceptions about the nature of our reality

Once we see the real paradigm the bizarre things like leylines and sacrificial murders etc all then make sense whereas under the paradigm taught by the system nothing makes sense! lol

Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
I agree but the good thing about having ideals and a code of conduct is that it gives you general rules to follow, so if you start passing beyond them you know you are going wrong. Thats the whole point of religion having moral codes otherwise people would just do anything they wanted
indeed but the engineers of perception can seek to change the moral codes of society

so satanism is a rejection of the current moral codes; the question being: what would they like to replace them with?
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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